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Listening to mature homeowners since 2004 has taught me that if concerns are addressed, most mature homeowners would prefer to live in a home that better fits their needs.

I designed my Keep Mom Safe® transition method to help mature homeowners with any level of mobility, regardless of the quantity of possessions in or the condition of their home.

My method addresses the most common concerns of privacy and safety while providing mature homeowners with a transition to a house or a community that better fits their needs. 

Unlike the offerings of cash investors on television & radio, or other real estate professionals, my Keep Mom Safe® transition method is designed to maintain your privacy and prioritize your safety throughout your transition.

The benefit to you is an improved quality of life!

Please click on the link to receive your free instant home value estimate.

Let’s work together...  to keep mom safe!  626.529.6759

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Alex was wonderful to work with. He was easy to communicate with, he kept my mom and I informed, and he works at a quick pace. I had a very positive and professional experience. I had interviewed and hired other agents before him, and from now on he will be my go-to guy!! -Michelle Huber, Claremont CA

- -Michelle Huber, Claremont CA

It was a blessing to have found Alex. He sold our Arcadia home and helped us to find a new home that had everything on our wish list and doing this all within 30-40 days!! Although, we had some difficult moments in qualifying for our purchase, I am not sure any other realtor would have been able to take care of the issues we faced and see to it that we were able to purchase our dream home. We could not thank Alex enough! He is extremely knowledgeable and will very hard to make sure that you not only find a home, but your dream home! - Cecilia Diaz, Arcadia, CA

- - Cecilia Diaz, Arcadia, CA

Great job!!!!!Fast and Friendly!!!!!We are so happy!!! I am disabled, and Alex did more for us than we expected! -Andrea Moon, Glendora, CA

- -Andrea Moon, Glendora, CA

We found our dream house before we started selling our home. Alex worked very hard to quickly sell our home, and was able to negotiate and help us acquire the new property. We were the backup offer, and he kept us informed throughout the process, and was able to negotiate us to be the primary buyer. We are very grateful to Alex. -James and Melinda Wilson, San Dimas CA

- James and Melinda Wilson, San Dimas CA

What really made his process stand out was the lack of traffic into the house. He weeded out those who are just looking vs. those that have the prequalification and were serious about buying my house. Since I have a dog I did not want this to be a problem, and it never was. The property sold within 4 days of putting it out on the market, and Alex helped me purchase the home I really wanted. I could not be happier with the job Alex did! -Vivian Toto, Upland, CA

- Vivian Toto, Upland, CA

Mr. Villa sold my house rapidly; did an excellent job; was kind and attended to business. He was available when he needed to be, and was consistent in his actions. Further, I was having a great deal of difficulty finding an apartment. I talked with Alexander about feeling uneasy about leaving my house without having secured an apartment. Guess what? He found me an apartment within two hours and I am happy in it. -Linda Callaway, Claremont CA

- Linda Callaway, Claremont CA

Thank you for the fabulous job you did selling my mom's house in the Village! You have such a great calm and sincerity that makes it so easy to be around you and work with you. We all love you and thank you! -Lesley Carr, Claremont

- Lesley Carr, Claremont

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